Moving to spain. Part one: buying and insuring your home.

If you have decided to settle in Spain we perfectly understand you. A pleasant Mediterranean climate, delicious healthy cuisine, easygoing lifestyle – a great change after city hassle, daily traffic jams and stress. Thousands of people from all over Europe annually come to the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Dorada, Costa Brava and, charmed (and sometimes even surprised 🙂 ) with a local way of life think about moving to Spain. 
If personal circumstances allow you to realize the dream of many people, then in order to begin to enjoy your new reality to the full extent, you must go through some formal procedures.  If you are well aware of all the requirements the procedure does not require much time, efforts or money. In fact, moving to Spain can be much easier than it seems at the very beginning. 

Among the documents that you would need, insurance policies play a very important role. In some cases, presentation of the insurance is considered as a prerequisite, but we would like to emphasize that a well-selected insurance is more than a requirement that you need to fulfill, a good policy will ensure your day-to-day comfort in a new place of residence. In our blog we would like to share with you the most efficient ways to solve all the issues related to compulsory and voluntary insurance in Spain, which we hope will help you to save your time and money. 

For many foreigners in Spain, the first step in making a decision to move is purchase of a house or an apartment. It is important to choose a reliable real estate agency that knows the local market and which will guide you when choosing your new home. Buying property is a significant investment, and once the deal is settled, it is essential to protect your new home from the risks to which it is exposed like any other material asset and protect yourself from the risks associated with your obligations as a property owner. 

In order to get secured properly, we recommend contacting a professional in the insurance market. Often, a realtor or a bank where you open an account will immediately offer you an insurance company they collaborate with. However, personally for you it is not likely to be the most advantageous solution (by the way, almost everybody who moves to Spain faced this situation). Why? It is important to understand that the insurance market in Spain is a huge dynamically developing sector. New insurance offers and packages regularly appear in the market for each type home and mode of use (main residence, secondary residence, house for short- or long-term rent). In order to choose a truly optimal offer that meets exactly your preferences and needs, the best solution is to contact an insurance broker. An insurance broker (in Spanish, correduría de seguros) has direct access to quotes of many companies and will help you choose an insurance coverage that is optimal for you at the best price. 

Just Insurance by Tourist-Broker Correduría de Seguros selects and arranges issuance of an insurance for you without any extra charges + offers you special discounts and conditions for foreign residents from the top insurance companies in Spain. 

The benefits offered by home insurance in Spain are so great that they made contracting such insurance policy a local life standard. Home insurance covers damage to your home (building) and personal property (content) resulting from an insured event, as well as civil liability to third parties. In addition, a good home insurance offers a wide range of useful services to its customers, such as locksmith, handyman, IT support and much more, which turns to be very convenient when you come to a new country. 

In our next posts we will guide you on the insurance products intended to guarantee your comfortable stay in Spain. Subscribe to Just Insurance page on Facebook, stay up to date with the insurance trends and much more!


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