When you spend considerable time on Iberian peninsula you realize that a car is an essential attribute of life in Spain, especially if you have opted for living on the coast. The transport system in Spain is quite developed, however, as far as public transport is concerned, it is, frankly speaking, not as convenient as in Switzerland for daily journeys, trips to a supermarket, etc. Moreover, if you decide to travel around the country (and it is worth doing as there are a lot of amazing places to visit around, and we will definitely tell you about it in our blog), the network of highways (autopistas) is so convenient that going with your own vehicle is a true pleasure. 

As in most European countries, any registered car must have a compulsory third-party liability insurance. No matter how often you use the vehicle, it must be insured. Spanish insurance companies offer types of policies according to your preferences and needs. The options offered in the market may be divided into 3 main groups: 

• Compulsory third-party basic insurance (“Terceros”) 
• Third-party complete insurance (“Completo”) – compulsory third-party insurance + glass, fire, theft and additional options (for example, damage caused by natural phenomena) • Comprehensive / all-risk insurance (“Todo riesgo”) with or without excess. 
Let’s check each option in detail. 

Basic third-party insurance implies insurance of the civil liability, it means that it is covering unintended damage that you can cause to third parties. This is an obligatory insurance. Even if you are using your car only during the holidays, according to the law it must be insured throughout the year. Why? For example, theoretically, during your absence a spontaneous combustion can occur which may result in damage to third parties. Compulsory third-party liability car insurance will cover this risk. Basic insurance is the cheapest option, but it is far from being the most practical one. If your budget does not allow to get a wider coverage, we recommend including at least glass cover in the policy. This extra will slightly increase the quote, however, it will protect you from significant expenses resulting from replacement of the windscreen if it is cracked due to a bounced stone, or of the window of your car if it is broken by trespassers. Unfortunately, such situations do happens here. 

We consider it more practical to contract at least third-party complete insurance, which provides compensation in case of theft, fire, exposure to natural phenomena or collision with animals. This type of insurance is also relatively inexpensive, but it protects you from risks that can materialize into significant losses. Unlike basic insurance, third-party complete insurance compensates the damage not only caused to third parties, but also your own damage you may get as the result of events specified in the contract. However, if you accidentally scratch your car while parking, face an accident by your fault, or discover damage caused by unknown third parties, such insurance does not compensate your reparation costs. 

In order to be able to compensate the damage caused to your car by your fault or by unidentified third parties, it is necessary to contract a fully comprehensive insurance – “Todo riesgo” which means all risk coverage. Such policy allows you to get maximum protection from the eventual costs that may occur as a result of an accident. Car insurance against all risks can be issued with or without excess. An excess is a fixed amount you pay by yourself when you make a claim in case of an accident; all damage exceeding the specified amount is covered by the insurance company. This insurance provides the maximum level of comfort on the road. Including an excess in your insurance allows you to decrease the price of the policy (the higher the excess, the lower the rate) and you get the opportunity to protect yourself from serious financial losses. 

Regardless of the type of motor insurance you choose, special attention should be paid to the travel assistance included in your policy. The best insurance companies offer you a lot of benefits and 24/7 protection on the road: replacing a flat tire, recharging a battery, towing a car with the driver (the options we offer imply unlimited km), a courtesy car, hotel accommodation if you have to repair your car in a garage far from home, and much more. Just Insurance is carefully selecting practical coverages to guarantee your peace of mind and confidence behind the wheel. 

In our blog, we will definitely tell you about all the advantages, picularities and pitfalls of motor insurance in Spain. Subscribe to the page of Just Insurance on Facebook and don’t miss anything! 

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