Travel Insurance

We offer travel insurance packages specially adapted to your needs. Adventure, business, cruise, holidays, skiing, studying, trip to schengen area from other countries – whatever is the purpose of your trip we have a solution to offer.

All hazards covered

Medical assistance

If you get ill during the trip best doctors will be at your disposal.

Legal aspects

Make sure that your civil liability during the trip is duly covered

Trip cancelation

If the circumstances force you to cancel the trip get a compensation

Best services just in time

Lost luggage

If you do not get your luggage on arrival to your destination the assistance service will do their best to locate it and send it to you as soon as possible.

Transport delays

Get a compensation if transport delays frustrate your plans

Translation services

If you need to go to the hospital make sure the local staff understands you.

Enjoy discovering the world. All hazards covered…

Buy travel insurance now

  • Medical assistance
  • Lost baggage cover
  • Transports delays
  • Compensation for trip cancellation
  • Repatriation due to accident or death
  • Compensation for unintended early return
  • Special policies for sportsmen
  • Finest solutions for students
  • One-off and annual policies
  • Coverage for tourists in Spain

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