Life Insurance

Some events in our life are beyond our control. Protect economic security of beloved ones at the most difficult times when they need it.

Protection for your family

Flexible choice of coverage

Protect economic needs of beloved ones.

Total disability cover

Coverage is provided in case of disability that does not allow to keep on working.

Absolute disability cover

Terminal illness compensation

Support when it is needed

Second medical opinion

Consultations of the best doctors in case of a serious illness.

Online Testament

Free service to keep things in order.

Succession assistance

Legal assistance in inheritance process.

Economic security of the future of your family

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  • Payment of the insured amount in case of death
  • Permanent absolute disability cover
  • Total disability cover
  • Testament assistance
  • Inheritance process assistance
  • Different methods of insurance premium calculation
  • Life insurance policies for mortgage

Get a quote without any obligation

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