Other types of insurance

All types of insurance in Spain, for you, your family and your business to guarantee your peace of mind.

Marine Insurance

We offer flexible solutions to cover a wide range of hazards related to all types of recreational boats. Choose the cover which suits you best and navigate safely. Excess options are available to benefit from the extensive insurance at an affordable price.

Business Insurance

Focus on your business while insurance professionals take care of efficient assessment and coverage of all related risks.

Travel Insurance

We offer travel insurance packages specially adapted to your needs. Adventure, business, cruise, holidays, skiing, studying, trip to schengen area from other countries – whatever is the purpose of your trip we have a solution for you.

Life Insurance

Some events in our life are beyond our control. Protect the economic security of loved ones at the most difficult times when they need it.

Pet Insurance

Ensure peace of mind for your dog or cat by obtaining a policy which covers costs, in case of illness or accident as well as compensation of damages to third parties.

Temporary car insurance

If due to some special circumstances the annual vehicle insurance does not suit you, an insurance per day may be the perfect solution.

Repatriation and funeral insurance

Ensure support for your loved ones when they most need it.

Legal Protection Insurance

This insurance can cover legal costs related to various areas of your life in Spain and guarantee peace of mind if you find yourself in a situation where your rights need protecting.

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We offer personalised solutions at competitive prices

No hidden costs

We offer great prices with special discounts

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Our team speaks English, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish.

Policy maintenance

We present your requirements to each insurer

Personalised service

We understand the needs of each client

More than 30 years experience

We have more than three decades of experience in insurance sector.

Get maximum protection with Just Insurance

We use the best insurance companies in Spain and specify the advantages of each product for each area.  We recommend insurance policies from exceptionally reliable insurers with a great reputation for resolving claims swiftly and efficiently.

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at fair prices.

We represent
your interests before the insurance company.

We serve you
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We do not charge extras for our service.

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