Temporary Vehicle Insurance

If due to some special circumstances the annual vehicle insurance does not fit you, an insurance per day may be the perfect solution. For example, you need to pass ITV (vehicle test) or you have bought a car and need some time to complete paperwork before being able to formalize an annual insurance. Issuing an insurance with Seguropordias.com via Just Insurance is a very convenient solution.

Basic risks covered

Your compulsory civil liability is insured

In case you accidently injure other people or damage their property the damage is covered.

Personal accident

In case of disability due to a car accident you will be paid out the amount insured.

Best services just in time

Straightforward issuing of your insurance

Contract your insurance online in less than 5 minutes

Travel assistance 24/7

If your car breaks down on the road travel assistance service resolves the situation in the most efficient way.

Quick issuance

Get a quote without any obligation

  • Quick issuance
    Issuance of a policy of Seguropordias.com via Just Insurance 100% online in only 5 minutes
  • Compulsory and voluntary civil liability
    If you accidently injure other people or their property in a car accident your insurance covers the damage you have caused.
  • Travel assistance 24/7
    If your car breaks down on the road you get prompt support: mechanics will take care of your car on spot or will tow it to the garage if needed, and you will be offered the best service while your car is being repaired.

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