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The best deals on home insurance in Spain from Zurich, AXA, Allianz, Mapfre, Liberty, Reale, Generali, Plus Ultra and other top insurance companies.

We collaborate with more than 20 top insurance companies in Spain.

Home insurance in Spain covers more than the house you live in; it covers your day to day needs. It´s essential to protect you from the possible situation of having to pay out a large sum of money at a very difficult and delicate time. The adequate valuation of the risks will allow you to obtain an optimal policy with the best guarantees. Our objective is to provide you a home insurance that ensures your peace of mind.


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Choose the insurance that fits you best

Own home main residence in Spain

  • Tailor-made protection of your property according to your needs
  • Cover of constructional elements and contents of your home offering extensive cover
  • Civil liability coverage for you and your family
  • Wide choice of home assistance services to meet your needs

Own home secondary residence in Spain

  • Adecuate protection of your home which is effective both when you are in Spain and in your country.
  • Flexible cover options for building elements and contents to meet your needs.
  • Civil liability cover for you and your family.
  • Prompt assitance services to make sure that you make the most of your holidays

Rented home (for tenants)

  • Finest solutions to insure risks in a rented home without overpaying for unexpected issues outwith your responsibility.
  • Different cover options according to your needs: choose between only contents or building and contents insurance.
  • Civil liability cover for you and your family.
  • Prompt assistance services in case of an accident for your own peace of mind.

Home for rent

  • Selected list of cover to guarantee stable, long or short-term renting out.
  • Optimal cover for your property while it is occupied by tenants.
  • Prompt assistance service to solve eventual accidents to save you time.

What May Be Covered With Your Home Insurance in Spain?

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Structure of the building, fixtures and fittings of your home. We focus on an accurate estimate of the replacement value of your home to make sure you are paying just what you need to make an efficient policy.

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Your moveable personal property, which includes furniture, appliances, clothing, etc., as well as jewelry, fine arts and money subject to specific limits. We offer the policies with the most extensive cover within your budget.

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Civil liability

In case you are held liable for any property damage or injuries unintentionally caused by you to others the personal liability cover contracted in your home insurance will protect you.

Hazards are covered

Building Damage

Fire, severe weather, and water damage, theft and others are covered.


Get 100% of what you have insured

Civil Liability

Cover yourself and your family if you are held liable for accidental damage to third parties.

Best services just in time

Assistance 24/7

If a problem arises at the worst time possible, the 24 hour assistance will find a swift solution.

Handyman Services

If you need assistance in maintenance or minor reparations in your home, the handyman assistance will be there to help you.

Legal assistance

If you are involved in a lawsuit that affects a cover on our policy, your legal expenses are covered.

What risks can be insured?

Extensive cover in case of a disaster

If a radiator has a leak and damages the flooring, the insurance company will offer a solution for the items you have insured.

If your TV stops working due to a power surge, you can have it repaired or change it thanks to your home insurance.

If your house has been damaged by heavy rain or high winds you can claim for the damages.

If a window gets broken in your home you can have the glass replaced.

Bathroom fixtures are covered.

Strong winds can damage solar panels, don´t worry, it´s covered.

If a pot accidentally falls on the hob and breaks the glass, the insurance company will organise the reparation of the damage or replace the hob.

If you receive an unusually high water bill due to a broken pipe that you were not aware of, the insurance company pays the difference.

If a pipe gets clogged, we can send a professional to repair it.

If food is ruined due to the fridge breaking down, you will be compensated to be able to replace it.

If you can´t change a floor tile that has been damaged and it is necessary to change the entire flooring, it will be covered.

The garden has severe weather damage, you can claim the reparation through your insurance policy.

If the garden furniture, table, chairs are damaged due to hailstones, you can claim through your insurance policy.

If you lock the keys inside your property, the insurance company will send a locksmith to open the door.

Recuperate 100% of insured contents.

Compensation in the case of theft.

Jewellery is covered in the event of a robbery.

Additional cover is available in the event of having your card stolen.

Additional cover is available.

Insure yourself and your family in the event of being responsible for accidental damage to third parties.

If you are involved in a legal claim that affects a cover on the policy, the legal costs are covered.

Optional cover for any type of accidental damage in your home (except those excluded by the insurance company) with agreed excess.

Why choose Just Insurance for your Spanish home?

We deal with home insurance covering all kinds of homes and contents. No matter if you are looking to insure a small apartment or a luxury villa in Spain, we find the policy which perfectly fits your needs. We monitor the market to get the best offers from the most reliable insurance companies designed to meet the needs of foreigners in Spain. Some of our clients managed to reduce their home insurance premium by 50% and at the same time improve their cover, with policies selected by Just Insurance.

Frequent questions about Home Insurance in Spain

Home insurance in Spain can cover material damage to your property and belongings caused by hazards that you have insured.  Furthermore, home insurance covers civil liability; the damage that you or your property could cause involuntarily to others.

You can insure your property and  personal belongings against various hazards, for example: fire, theft, water damage, severe weather damage, electrical faults, etc.  Furthermore, it is possible to insure your civil liablity as a landlord.  IMPORTANT: to have correct cover, it is necessary to indicate on the policy that the property is rented.

Yes, you can obtain a special insurance for tenants that protects your personal belongings and also covers you in the event that you damage the rented property.

Yes, a good policy covers urgent locksmith services.

The cost of a policy depends on many factors.  It depends on the amount of the building insurance and contents, the inclusion of valuable objects, the amount of cover (this can vary considerably within the same insurance company).  You can obtain a quote on our web page or by getting in touch with us on +34 865 443 169 or by email info@justinsurance.es

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