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What Is Just Insurance?

Just Insurance is an exclusive platform of Tourist Broker Correduría de Seguros S.L. (licence VS-2011-013) dedicated to insurance of foreigners in Spain.  Tourist Broker is a reliable Spanish insurance broker  successfully operating in the market since 2010 providing services to individuals as well as corporate clients. Tourist Broker forms part of Willis Towers Watson Networks.

We collaborate with renowned insurance companies in Spain and monitor the market for the best insurance policies for foreign residents in terms of coverage, prices and assistance services. Our system has direct access to the quotes of 20 insurance companies, which allows us to compare prices and select the best. Once you get the policy which corresponds to your needs, we stay with you to assure competent maintenance of your insurance and defend your interests in case of an insured event. Our experienced back-office mediates your claims quickly and efficiently. Our target is to be your lifebuoy in the Spanish insurance market.

Enhanced service……

No need for you to shop around for the best insurance offer – Just Insurance does it for you.

Along with the optimal policy selected by our specialists, you get the full-scale service of your policy which includes handling of your claims and defending of your interests in negotiations with the insurance company.

You get personalized service, special offers and discounts for foreigners.

…without extra fees!

You do not pay any extra for the service you get.

The obvious question you may have: how it works and what is our benefit?

The answer is very simple: insurance companies interested in the expansion of their client base pay the broker for bringing the clients; with the important number of clients that we handle we negotiate special conditions just for you.


Pepe Such


Degree in business, university expert in insurance (group A intermediary), university expert in financial and wealth consultancy. CEO Director, Strategic Director and Responsible for Key Accounts. Email: jsuch@tourist-broker.com

Elena Oreshkina

Commercial Director

Moscow State University of International Relations. Master in International Economic Relations. ICEA. Insurance intermediary. International Client Department. Commercial Director of “Just Insurance”, Foreign Client Area Manager Email: elena@justinsurance.es

Sonia Molina

Responsible for Health, Life Insurance and Investments and Pension Funds

Degree in Business, European Financial Advisor, International Business.

Financial and Asset Consultant

Specialist in Life, Health, Investment and Pension Funds

Email: sonia@tourist-broker.com

Andrea Mccaffer

Foreign Clients Department

Degree in International Business & Modern Languages BA(Hons) Strathclyde University, 17 years experience in the banking sector.

Foreign Clients Department

Languages: English, Spanish

Email: andrea@justinsurance.es

Henriette Sor Reime

Foreign Clients Department

Insurance Broker (Group B)

Foreign Clients Department.

Languages: Norwegian, Spanish, English

Email: henriette@justinsurance.es

Pablo Perez

Marketing Manager

Business Management and Marketing. Specialised in European integration and International Commerce.

Expansion Department

Email: pperez@tourist-broker.com

Sergio Gomez

Production Manager

Graduated in Law and Business Management, university expert in Insurance (insurance broker group A)

Production Department

Business Development

Email: sgomez@tourist-broker.com

Jaime Agullo

Car and home insurance manager

Insurance Broker (Group B)

Production Department

Car and home insurance management

Email: jaime@tourist-broker.com

Our history

Our objective is your security

Just Insurance has evolved into a market leader in this sector due to our values and our professionalism regarding our work ethic.  Our clients are the centre of our strategy, we know you well and we offer insurances specifically for you.

Misión: we offer our customers the best prices and cover to protect themselves and their loved ones.  We take great care in offering the best insurance while adjusting it to your individual needs, giving you a sense of security and stability.

Values: Our business strategy centres on the client, offering digitalisation, multicanal, transparency, efficiency and impartialness as our main focus.  We collaborate with a wide range of insurance companies to give our customers the best possible experience.

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