Marine Insurance

We offer flexible solutions for covering wide range of hazards related to all types of recreational boats.

Choose your level of comfort and navigate safely. Excess options are available to benefit from the extensive insurance at an affordable price.

Extensive coverage

Civil Liability

Any unintended damage to third parties is covered.

Personal Accidents

If a person who uses a boat happens to have an accident the damage is covered.

Total Loss

Expand the cover to get a compensation in case of a big trouble.

Best services just in time

Boat Towing

If your boat needs assistance towing service is at your disposal.

Legal Assistance

Any legal concern about your boat is dispelled by professionals.

Wide Geography

Boats under foreign flags may be insured.

Navigate the sea with hazards covered

Obligatory civil liability

Legal assistance

Voluntary Civil Liability

Claim for damages

Personal accidents of persons on board

Reimbursement of towing costs

On-shore assistance

Total loss


Partial damages

Loss of personal belongings

Damage due to socio-political acts

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