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We research the insurance market in Spain and offer the most comprehensive cover at the best price with special discounts.

Health Insurance

Your health is the most important. You can count on the best private hospitals and the most advanced technologies when you need it. We offer you various coverage options to meet your personal requirements and budget.


Seguro de Salud

Car Insurance

We offer you the best packages of car insurance coverage. These are matched to your driving profile and preferences to make sure that you feel confident and well protected every time you are behind the wheel. You get a tailor-made solution for your vehicle without paying extra.

Car Insurance in Spain - cover

Home Insurance

Your home insurance is covering more than the house you live in: it´s covering your day-to-day comfort. It assures your peace of mind in case of minor home accidents as well as larger problems. We consistently monitor the market to offer you the most beneficial coverage options from most reliable insurance companies at the lowest prices.

Seguro de Hogar

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We know the local market and understand the needs of foreign residents in Spain.

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Just Insurance offers a perfect combination of price and quality to meet your needs.

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We offer tailor-made solutions to ensure your peace of mind in Spain.

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We work with the most reliable insurance companies with outstanding reputations and extensive experience.

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Frequent questions

An insurance broker acts as an intermediary between clients and insurance companies, offering expert advice and personalized policy recommendations.

In our case, we offer insurance advice in Spain to foreigners already residing in Spain or who will be residing in Spain for a short or long period of time.

An insurance broker offers personalized advice and a wide range of policy options, whereas taking out insurance directly can limit the options and understanding of policy details due to a lack of in-depth knowledge of the market.

We use more than 20 leading insurance companies in Spain, with which we can provide you with the best insurance for you, your family or your business, whatever your needs are. In particular Zurich, DKV, Allianz, Liberty, AXA, Reale, Sanitas, Mapfre, Generali, Aegon, Asefa, Arag.

We do not charge any supplement for the issuance or processing of your insurance policy in Spain.

You can get a quote through the website or by contacting us by phone on +34 677 455 883, or by email:

As an insurance broker, we can review your current insurance and suggest alternative options with the best prices and quality available in the market. We will also explain how to cancel your current policy in the correct way.

Of course they can. Insurance brokers in Spain offer tailor-made business coverage, risk management expertise and claims assistance, all of which are crucial elements for companies.

Yes, of course we can. Our claims department will help you to claim correctly and will explain which documents are necessary to process the claim efficiently.

Looking for brokers with a solid reputation, relevant experience and a customer-centric approach is difficult, but Just Insurance has it all. You can read the opinions and recommendations of the clients who have already counted on us.

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