Insurance In Spain: How To Choose The Best Policy?

A good insurance in Spain is not obligatory expensive. How to get a good coverage for reasonable price and avoid making mistakes choosing your insurance policy?

The Spanish insurance market is quite advanced and offers a wide range of insurance products to foreigners who reside in Spain or have economic interests in this country, own real estate and vehicles. Once you arrive to Spain from another country it is often difficult to understand all the details of the insurance offers, since many products that are very popular in Spain are not 100% equal to the ones you were used to in your country of origin.

A professional insurance intermediary will help you to understand insurance products and decide which offers may be interesting and beneficial for you. In Spain, most insurance contracts are made through intermediaries: it may be a bank, an agent of an insurance company or a broker. Perhaps, now some readers will object, referring to the fact that their current contract was made directly with the company.However, in most cases, under the brand name of the insurance company there is an insurance agent acting as an intermediary, you can see his details in your policy in the section “Mediador”.

Often, a bank acts as an intermediary, but banks do not treat insurance products as their main business, therefore, in case of an insured event you cannot contact the branch of the bank to apply for assistance in its resolution, you will have to communicate directly with the insurance company and solve all the problems on your own. Furthermore, the prices of insurance products offered by banks are usually very high.

Unlike insurance agents who represent only one company and can offer you the products of one insurer,an insurance broker works with a large number of companies and can select for you the best offers inrespect of prices, coverages and service. Just Insurance acts on behalf of an insurance broker,we are focused on foreigners in Spain and we select insurance policies with the best price to qualityratio currently available in the market. We work with leading reliable companies and offer insurancepolicies with the most favourable conditions for foreigners. The mission of an insurance broker is notlimited to the selection of insurance. Once the policy is issued Just Insurance represents yourinterests before the insurance company when the insured event takes place. Our team provides themost effective interaction with the insurer, so that you receive timely compensation according to thecontract. We offer service in several languages, so you get access to insurance offers from a wide list ofcompanies without linguistic barriers.

As far as the price is concerned: Just Insurance does not charge any extra fees for the services, you only pay the insurance premium directly to the insurance company. And there is no trick: just like all exclusive agents and banks, insurance brokers receive commissions from insurance companies for bringing the clients, thus contracting a policy via Just Insurance does not increase its price. On the contrary, we benefit from access to special offers and promotions to offer you the best price and conditions.

We are always pleased to offer you any type of insurance you may be interested in, without any obligation from your part. We are sure that we can surprise you. Fill out the form on the website, write at or call on +34 677455883.


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