How May A Foreigner Get Insured In Spain?

Seguro extranjería

Did you know that many insurance companies offer special conditions and discounts for foreigners? How to take advantage of exclusive offers?

The number of foreigners who have chosen Spain as a new place of residence has remained high for many years. Spain attracts by its high quality of life, comfortable climate, tasty and inexpensive cuisine.

According to a recent study by Bloomberg, Spain is the top-1 in the list of the world’s healthiest nations. Of course, all these circumstances contribute to the fact that many people having arrived here for the first time and having got acquainted with local culture and lifestyle decide to settle down on the Iberian Peninsula, and begin with buying real estate and cars.

Insurance companies, sensitive to the current trend, are competing actively for a huge segment of the market represented by foreigners. And the competition in this sector is quite high. Trying to win new clients insurance companies offer new special products aimed at foreigners. Often, new offers include discounts, wider coverage, additional services for the comfort of foreign residents in Spain and those who come here frequently. The market is so large and active that sometimes it is not possible for a customer to follow up on new profitable offers. Being insured with one company for many years, a person may not be aware of new insurance solutions and products which would allow to insure his risks on much better terms. Moreover, people arriving to Spain may not even guess about the existence of exclusive offers designed specifically for foreign residents and owners of real estate and cars in Spain.

Just Insurance is in constant contact with the leading insurance companies in Spain. As soon as new beneficial solutions are available, insurance companies inform us, we analyze new products and offer you the best. We recommend policies of exceptionally reliable insurers with outstanding reputation who effectively and quickly settle insurance claims.

Of course, we understand that often the language may be quite an issue for foreign residents, so for the maximum comfort we offer you service in English and Russian. Our experts will tell you what insurance options exist in Spain, what are the peculiarities of insurance contracts, how to act in case of an insured event, and much more. The consultation of Just Insurance is absolutely free and does not impose any obligations on you. We are always happy to talk to you and we are absolutely sure that we will pleasantly surprise you with our offers. Fill out the form on the website, write at or call us +34 865 443 169.


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