All you wanted to know about car insurance in spain? FAQ.

Frequently asked questions about car insurance in Spain

Can I insure a car in Spain without a Spanish driving licence?

The approach of Spanish insurance companies regarding the acceptance of a driving licence obtained in another country vary. Some assess a foreign driving licence as an increased risk and offer almost prohibitive quotes. Fortunately, some top insurers accept driving licences obtained in other countries and consider the total driving experience obtained before coming to Spain, which benefits the policy’s price.

It is very important to understand that absolutel any insurance company’s general terms and conditions  state: the driver must be eligible to drive a car. In particular, for some nationalities the same driving licence may or may not be valid, depending on the status of its holder in Spain. And it´s the responsibility of the driver to have a valid driving licence whenever he/she uses a car.

In practice, this means that if at the moment of the insured event it is determined that you were not authorized to drive because your licence was invalid (e.g. Trafico agents arrive at the scene of a serious accident and find that your licence is invalid), this could be grounds for the insurance company to refuse to pay.

What types of car insurance exist in Spain?

You can choose a cover from compulsory third party liability insurance to comprehensive. The packages offered by insurers can be divided into three groups:

  • Basic insurance (“Terceros”) – compulsory third party liability insurance
  • Extended (“Completo”) – compulsory motor insurance + glass, fire, theft and extra options (e.g. damage caused by natural phenomena).
  • Comprehensive (“Todo Riesgo”) – own damage cover (options with or without excess).

For more on what can be covered by car insurance in Spain, read the article MOVING TO SPAIN. PART TWO: BUYING AND INSURING A CAR

What is the price of car insurance in Spain?

The price of car insurance depends on many factors. Among them: technical specifications of the vehicle, age of the car, driver’s details (age, experience), region of the primary use of the car, and the insured risks included in the policy. The price may vary from EUR 150 to EUR 2,000. You can calculate the price on our website or contacting us by phone at +34 677 455 883 or by e-mail  at

May my wife/husband drive if she/he is not on the policy?

In Spain, it is not necessary to include an additional driver in the insurance if he or she meets the age and experience requirements of the insurance company. With most insurers, any driver with a valid licence may drive the car as long as he/she is over 25/26 years old and have more than 2 years experience.

My son/daughter has recently got a driving licence. Can he/she use my car?

Yes, but to be able to drive, a young driver (for most insurance companies a person under 25 with less than 2 years experience) must be listed on the car insurance as an additional driver.

What is a roadside assistance package and what is it for?

A roadside assistance cover allows you to get help if your car breaks down on the road or you have an accident and cannot continue driving. A good package covers towing (it is important to pay attention to whether there is a distance limit or not), on-site mechanic assistance, changing a flat tyre, hotel expenses if the accident happens far from your usual residence, and much more. You may find more information on the benefits of travel assistance cover in our post “ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: WHAT CAN YOU COUNT ON WITH GOOD INSURANCE”?

I have been involved in an accident due to my own fault and my car has been damaged. Can I have my car repaired under my insurance?

You will only be able to have your car repaired if you have a comprehensive “all-risk” (“a todo riesgo”) policy. If your comprehensive insurance with an excess, you will only pay the excess amount and the company will compensate for the rest of the expenses.

What is excess in comprehensive car insurance?

An excess in car insurance is an amount you pay when you make a claim; any damage exceeding this amount will be paid by the insurance company. For example, an excess of EUR 300 means that if you have a damage of EUR 1,000, you will have to pay EUR 300 yourself and the insurance company will cover the remaining EUR 700. An excess allows you to take advantage of the benefits of comprehensive insurance at a more affordable price.

Can I have all the scratches from different minor accidents repaired at once paying only an excess amount?

No. As a rule, insurance companies apply excess per claim. That is, damage that results from different accidents will be treated by the insurance company as distinct claims and excess will be applied to each of them.

The car doesn´t start. Will car insurance help?

Only if your car insurance includes a good roadside assistance package with cover provided from 0 km, you will you be able to have it covered. If a problem can be solved on the spot (e.g. by recharging the battery), a mechanic will do it. If the issue cannot be solved on spot, the car will be towed to the repair garage.

In the case of an accident, at which repair shop will I be able to have my car repaired?

Your car insurance policy may provide for repair at one of the workshops collaborating with your insurer, or for a free choice of the repair garage. We recommend the policies that allow you to choose a repair shop. Thus, you can easily have your car repaired by an official dealer or by a technician speaking your native language recommended by your friends.
We are always happy to offer top-quality car insurance policies from the most reliable insurance companies in Spain on the most advantageous terms without any extra fees for the selection and issuance of the policy. Just apply for a quote online and we will help you save money without sacrificing quality.


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