Roadside assistance: what can you count on with good insurance?

Spain is an ideal country for travelling by car. A well-developed network of highways allows you to get to another part of the country just within a few hours, while many local roads are truely convenient to explore all the beauties of the Kingdom. 

If you like car journeys, we suggest that you make sure that the travel assistance package included in your car insurance provides enough coverage to guarantee your confidence when you drive so that nothing can stop you making the most of your vacations. The fact is that car travel assistance varies significantly from company to company, moreover, even within one company it is possible to contract quite different packages of services.

So, what kind of assistance can you count on when you take out a good roadside support package with top insurance companies?

Towing the vehicle. If your car breaks down or suffers an accident and you cannot continue driving, the insurance company will provide a tow truck. A good roadside assistance package includes towing services without a kilometre limit. In practice, this means that if you are forced to leave your car in a repair garage due to an insured event, you can choose where to repair it. This can be a garage near your home you are used to, or a garage at your travel destination.

On-the-spot repair. If the breakdown can be repaired on site, the insurer will send a mechanic and will pay labour costs within the limits established in the policy. For example, if your car battery is low (a situation a lot of people are familiar with) a mechanic will arrive as soon as possible to charge the battery so that you could continue your journey safely.

Changing a flat tire. If you get a puncture, the roadside assistance service will send a mechanic to replace it with a spare wheel. This usually takes no more than forty minutes.

Furthermore, in some cases, insurance companies offer special conditions covering not only the labour costs of changing the wheel, but also the cost of the tire itself (for example, if you damage a new wheel accidentally hitting a kerb).

Fuel problems. If you run out of fuel on the road, the insurance company will arrange for the car to be towed to the nearest petrol station. If you have mistakenly filled up gasoline instead of diesel or vice versa (and this happens), the insurance company will pay for the towing of your car to the repair garage.

Hotel for the insured. If a breakdown or accident occurs outside the town where you live and the repair of the car is takes long time, the insurance company will pay for your stay at a hotel within the amounts stipulated in the contract. The number of days paid by the insurer is defined by the terms and conditions of the policy and usually depends on whether the event occurred in Spain or abroad.

Replacement vehicle. If your car is in the repair garage due to an accident and it takes time to repair it, you will be provided with a courtesy car. Normally, the period of use of the substitution car is limited. With good insurance, you may count on two weeks, which in most cases is enough to complete the repairs.

24/7 support. For some inexplicable reason, breakdowns and accidents tend to happen during off-hours and weekends. Reliable insurance companies offer a 24-hour roadside assistance service, so even if the accident occurs on Sunday during siesta time, you will be immediately offered the quickest solution. The best companies guarantee that the assistance arrives maximum within 1 hour from the moment you contact them. The companies we recommend offer services in several languages (English and Spanish included), which makes it much easier to communicate and resolve all issues.

Assistance from kilometre “zero”. In practice, this clause in your policy means that if you find out that you have a flat tire when you leave home, you can contact support line and a specialist will come to replace it.

In addition to all the services listed above, the roadside assistance package may include services for insured persons not directly related to driving your car. For example, it may include such coverage as compensation for costs incurred sending items left behind during the trip, medical transportation and repatriation services, and help with luggage delayed by the airline. 

The insurance policies recommended by Just Insurance always contain the best practical insurance coverage at a reasonable price. By taking out car insurance with us, you will ensure your peace of mind while driving!


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