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Our auto insurance solutions

We offer you the best packages of car insurance coverage. These are matched to your driving profile and preferences to make sure that you feel confident and well protected every time you are behind the wheel. You get a tailor-made solution for your vehicle without paying extra.
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Our home insurance solution

Your home insurance is covering more than the house you live in: it is covering your day-to-day comfort. It assures your peace of mind in case of minor home accidents as well as larger problems. We consistently monitor the market to offer you the most beneficial coverage options from most reliable insurance companies at the lowest prices.
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Our health insurance solutions

Your health is the most important. Count on the best private hospitals and the most advanced technologies when you need it. We offer you various coverage options to meet your personal requirements and budget.
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DKV Seguros is a leading German insurance company in the insurance market with a focus on health products. The most innovative technologies are always at your disposal with DKV.

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