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Contracting all accidental risk insurance is the perfect way to bring your comfort in a rented house to the maximum. It protects your belongings from any accidental damage and if you include first loss building insurance it shields you from lots of eventual troubles with the building you live in.

The hazards are covered


Extensive coverage in case of a disaster


Get 100% of what you have insured

Civil liability

Cover yourself and your family if you are held liable for unintentional damage to others

Best services just in time

Assistance 24/7

If a pipe bursts or you have a window broken 24-hour assistance service resolves the situation it in the most efficient way.

Handyman services

If you need assistance in maintenance or minor reparation of your home handyman assistance will be there to help you.

Legal support

If you are involved in a lawsuit your legal expenses are covered.

All these troubles are covered with a good insurance

I want to insure my home
  • All risk accidental damage

  • Fire A fire destroys furniture and personal belongings

  • Natural phenomena Your house has been damaged by heavy rain or wind

  • Water damage A pipe suddenly bursts and damages a wall and furniture

  • Electrical damage TV stops working due to a power surge

  • Glass and porcelain A window gets broken

  • Solar panels Stong wind breaks the solar panels.

  • Sanitary ware A hairdryer falls from the shelf and breaks a sink

  • Glass ceramic panels A pan accidentally falls on a ceramic hob and breaks the glass

  • Water consumption excess You receive an abnormal bill for water due to a broken pipe that you were not aware of

Benefit from extended list of services

I want to insure my home
  • Assistance 24/7 A problem occurs at the most inappropriate time? 24-hour assistance service will find the quickest solution.

  • Handyman services You need to mount some shelves? Or fix a tap? A repairman contracted by your insurance will do it for you.

  • Urgent reparation service The door lock is broken and you need to fix it quickly because you are in a hurry? Urgent reparation service will settle it as soon as possible.

  • IT assistance If have a trouble with your PC? Informatics assistance will guide you to solve it remotely.

  • Pest control Pests may cause a real trouble and headache. Pest control will allow you forget this problem.

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