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Homes rented to third parties are treated by the insurers not the same way as homes occupied by the owner. We consider accurately each case to make sure that your policy includes all necessary terms so that you are duly covered in case of an accident.

Long-term rent

Specially designed policy provides continious protection of your property, personal belongings and civil liability while your house is rented out. Efficient assisance services assure the quickest solution in case of an accident in order to save your time and money.

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Short-term tourist rent

Chose the right coverege pack for your home when it is rented out for short term. A policy designed for tourist rent protects you from vandalic acts of tenant. Prompt home assistance services insure comfort of your guests thus increasing popularity of your property among tourists.

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Check the coverage


Water damage

Natural phenomena

Electrical damage

Civil liability

Vandalic acts of tenant

Glass and porcelain

Sanitary ware

Solar panels

Glass ceramic panels

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