All you wanted to know about car insurance in Spain? FAQ.

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Frequently asked questions about car insurance in Spain

Can I insure a car in Spain without a Spanish driving licence?

The approach of Spanish insurance companies regarding the acceptance of a driving licence obtained in another country vary. Some assess a foreign driving licence as an increased risk and offer almost prohibitive quotes. Fortunately, some top insurers accept driving licences obtained in other countries and consider the total driving experience obtained before coming to Spain, which benefits the policy’s price.

It is very important to understand that absolutel any insurance company’s general terms and conditions  state: the driver must be eligible to drive a car. In particular, for some nationalities the same driving licence may or may not be valid, depending on the status of its holder in Spain. And it´s the responsibility of the driver to have a valid driving licence whenever he/she uses a car.

In practice, this means that if at the moment of the insured event it is determined that you were not authorized to drive because your licence was invalid (e.g. Trafico agents arrive at the scene of a serious accident and find that your licence is invalid), this could be grounds for the insurance company to refuse to pay.

What types of car insurance exist in Spain?

You can choose a cover from compulsory third party liability insurance to comprehensive. The packages offered by insurers can be divided into three groups:

  • Basic insurance (“Terceros”) – compulsory third party liability insurance
  • Extended (“Completo”) – compulsory motor insurance + glass, fire, theft and extra options (e.g. damage caused by natural phenomena).
  • Comprehensive (“Todo Riesgo”) – own damage cover (options with or without excess).

For more on what can be covered by car insurance in Spain, read the article MOVING TO SPAIN. PART TWO: BUYING AND INSURING A CAR

What is the price of car insurance in Spain?

The price of car insurance depends on many factors. Among them: technical specifications of the vehicle, age of the car, driver’s details (age, experience), region of the primary use of the car, and the insured risks included in the policy. The price may vary from EUR 150 to EUR 2,000. You can calculate the price on our website or contacting us by phone at +34 677 455 883 or by e-mail  at

May my wife/husband drive if she/he is not on the policy?

In Spain, it is not necessary to include an additional driver in the insurance if he or she meets the age and experience requirements of the insurance company. With most insurers, any driver with a valid licence may drive the car as long as he/she is over 25/26 years old and have more than 2 years experience.

My son/daughter has recently got a driving licence. Can he/she use my car?

Yes, but to be able to drive, a young driver (for most insurance companies a person under 25 with less than 2 years experience) must be listed on the car insurance as an additional driver.

What is a roadside assistance package and what is it for?

A roadside assistance cover allows you to get help if your car breaks down on the road or you have an accident and cannot continue driving. A good package covers towing (it is important to pay attention to whether there is a distance limit or not), on-site mechanic assistance, changing a flat tyre, hotel expenses if the accident happens far from your usual residence, and much more. You may find more information on the benefits of travel assistance cover in our post “ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: WHAT CAN YOU COUNT ON WITH GOOD INSURANCE”?

I have been involved in an accident due to my own fault and my car has been damaged. Can I have my car repaired under my insurance?

You will only be able to have your car repaired if you have a comprehensive “all-risk” (“a todo riesgo”) policy. If your comprehensive insurance with an excess, you will only pay the excess amount and the company will compensate for the rest of the expenses.

What is excess in comprehensive car insurance?

An excess in car insurance is an amount you pay when you make a claim; any damage exceeding this amount will be paid by the insurance company. For example, an excess of EUR 300 means that if you have a damage of EUR 1,000, you will have to pay EUR 300 yourself and the insurance company will cover the remaining EUR 700. An excess allows you to take advantage of the benefits of comprehensive insurance at a more affordable price.

Can I have all the scratches from different minor accidents repaired at once paying only an excess amount?

No. As a rule, insurance companies apply excess per claim. That is, damage that results from different accidents will be treated by the insurance company as distinct claims and excess will be applied to each of them.

The car doesn´t start. Will car insurance help?

Only if your car insurance includes a good roadside assistance package with cover provided from 0 km, you will you be able to have it covered. If a problem can be solved on the spot (e.g. by recharging the battery), a mechanic will do it. If the issue cannot be solved on spot, the car will be towed to the repair garage.

In the case of an accident, at which repair shop will I be able to have my car repaired?

Your car insurance policy may provide for repair at one of the workshops collaborating with your insurer, or for a free choice of the repair garage. We recommend the policies that allow you to choose a repair shop. Thus, you can easily have your car repaired by an official dealer or by a technician speaking your native language recommended by your friends.
We are always happy to offer top-quality car insurance policies from the most reliable insurance companies in Spain on the most advantageous terms without any extra fees for the selection and issuance of the policy. Just apply for a quote online and we will help you save money without sacrificing quality.


If you own property in Spain, you have probably heard of “okupas”. What does “okupas” stand for?  “Okupas” are people who illegally occupy someone else’s home and live in it. Unfortunately, this situation is not unusual in Spain. Only in the first half of 2020, almost 7.5 thousand lawsuits have been registered in relation to the occupation of property by squatters. Spanish law to a certain extent protects the rights of the “vulnerable” segment of the population who do not own their own home, and evicting strangers from your own home can be a time-consuming and costly process for you.

During the pandemic, where movements between countries and regions have been restricted, the situation has worsened. Many owners of houses and apartments in Spain, especially foreigners, are unable to come and “okupas”, taking advantage of the fact that the property is unattended, settle in, after which the eviction process becomes quite a challenge for the owner.

Legal protection against illegal occupation – insurance against “okupas”.

Is it possible to protect yourself from this quite unpleasant situation and what is the best way to do it? Of course, alarm systems connected to a security service with a police call, concierges, attentive neighbours who will report if something strange starts to happen in the house or flat can help. Unfortunately, even an alarm system and helpful neighbours do not guarantee there will be no risk of “okupas” if the property remains empty for a long time. It is to ensure your peace of mind the top insurers have a special product to protect property owners against illegal occupation issues. Thus, the top German insurance company, operating in the European market for 85 years and specializing in legal defence, offers a legal protection insurance against “okupas”.

The cover includes:

  • Claims for the effective recovery of the property. Limit – € 6000.
  • Claims for damages to the property caused by “okupas”. The minimum claim is €150. Limit – € 6000.
  • Defence in municipal administrative issues. Limit – € 6000.
  • Telephone legal assistance with the lawyer specialized in “okupas” issues.

Such insurance costs only €33.14 per year and, what is important, can be taken out online. Just fill in the form on the website and our representative will contact you shortly.

Please also note that if the property is used as a secondary residence and remains empty for most of the year, it is important that your general home insurance is drawn up correctly and allows for long periods of non-occupation. You can read more about other considerations you need to consider when taking out home insurance in the article “Is your property in Spain properly insured?”

We would be glad to advise you on all aspects of property insurance in Spain and offer the solution that suits you best. Call us at 677 455 883, email or apply for a personalized offer online.


You may decide to change your private health insurance in Spain for many reasons. For example, for financial reasons: its price for the new year has increased significantly or you suddenly realize that your friends are paying significantly less for the same package of services. Or maybe, on the contrary, your financial possibilities have increased and you have the opportunity to switch to a better policy with wider coverage?

Or it may be the case that are not satisfied at all with the quality of service provided by the insurance company (e.g. long authorization procedures, etc.) or with the intermediary who issued your policy.

So, you are thinking about changing the insurance company. Many questions arise immediately. In what cases it is impossible to change the insurance? How can you change insurance in time and correctly (getting a better price without losing the quality)? Which companies in the market provide the top service?
In our post, we will tell you about the peculiarities of changing an insurance company in Spain. So, what do you need to pay attention to when reissuing your policy? 


Usually, health insurance policy implies automatic annual renewal. The date of renewal can be linked to a calendar year (the policy is reissued on 1 January) or to the original effect date (the policy is updated on the same day it was issued).
In order to change to a new insurance company, you need to notify the current insurance company that you do not want to continue the contact at least one month before the date of renewal, otherwise the policy will be extended, and you will have an obligation to pay for it the following year. The notice must be sent in writing accompanied by a copy of ID of the policyholder. 

Thus, if your policy is to be renewed on 1 January, now it is just the time to check the alternatives. It is in October-December that most companies have special promotions, offering extremely favourable conditions for the re-issuance of health insurance.

Pre-existing conditions.

The procedure involves completing a health questionnaire (either in paper form or by phone by an insurance company employee). On the basis of the information provided, the insurance company will decide whether the client is accepted for full service or the pathologies that have appeared before the policy was issued will be subject to exclusion (complete exclusion from coverage or waiting periods may be applied).

If your health condition does not raise any questions, you may change your health insurance even every year. However, if the client has serious, chronic or life-threatening illnesses, the insurance companies may reject the policy issuance. If you have certain pathologies, in some case it is advisable not to change your insurance company.

Therefore, it is very important that you make sure that the new policy provides you with the necessary coverage before you cancel your existing insurance. As a rule, insurance companies are not inclined to treat illnesses that occurred before the policy was issued, but this does not mean that any pathology will fall under the exception. Companies evaluate each case individually, so it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire correctly. What happens if the pathology is known to the client, but not stated in the questionnaire? If it is discovered later that the pathology was diagnosed before the contract was taken out but was concealed when the insurance was issued, the insurance company has the right to exclude it from the coverage or (in the case of hiding some serious pathology) even terminate the contract without refund of the insurance fee paid in advance.

Waiting periods.

When taking out private health insurance in Spain, certain services (such as hospitalization and surgery in case of non-life-threatening conditions) are subject to waiting periods. A waiting period is a fixed period from the day the contract comes into effect, during which the insurance does not cover the costs of these services.

If you have already had a health insurance policy with similar coverage that has been in force for at least a year, most waiting periods can be cancelled. In order to cancel them, you will need to provide a copy of the valid policy as well as the latest confirmation of payment of the respective insurance fee.
Important! The waiting period for child delivery always remains and is usually 8 months. This means that if someone who is currently insured is waiting for a baby and your current policy covers childbirth, it is better to wait with changing of the insurance company. 


When comparing different health insurance options, you need to take into account not only the price, but the coverage included. If you need comprehensive insurance, make sure that the policy does not impose restrictions on hospitalization. Check also whether there are any extra co-payments for medical assistance, or the policy implies that services are provided without any extra charges. In case you need the policy to extend your residence permit, it is important to make sure that the coverage complies with Extranjería requirements.

Please note that  your policy may provide for cover only in the hospitals collaborating with the insurance company or give a possibility to apply to any clinic in Spain or abroad with reimbursement of 80-90% of your medical expenses.

We are always happy to advise you on all the issues related to taking out a top-quality policy that meets your personal preferences and budget. We do not charge any extra fees for the selection of the best insurance policy, nor for its issuance. Get a quote online, call us at 677 455 883 or write


A good insurance in Spain is not obligatory expensive. How to get a good coverage for reasonable price and avoid
making mistakes choosing your insurance policy?

The Spanish insurance market is quite advanced and offers a wide range of insurance products to
foreigners who reside in Spain or have economic interests in this country, own real estate and vehicles.
Once you arrive to Spain from another country it is often difficult to understand all the details
of the insurance offers, since many products that are very popular in Spain are not 100% equal to the
ones you were used to in your country of origin.
A professional insurance intermediary will help you to understand insurance products and decide which
offers may be interesting and beneficial for you. In Spain, most insurance contracts are made through
intermediaries: it may be a bank, an agent of an insurance company or a broker. Perhaps, now some
readers will object, referring to the fact that their current contract was made directly with the company.
However, in most cases, under the brand name of the insurance company there is an insurance agent acting
as an intermediary, you can see his details in your policy in the section “Mediador”.
Often, a bank acts as an intermediary, but banks do not treat insurance products as their main business,
therefore, in case of an insured event you cannot contact the branch of the bank to apply for assistance
in its resolution, you will have to communicate directly with the insurance company and solve all the
problems on your own. Furthermore, the prices of insurance products offered by banks are usually very
Unlike insurance agents who represent only one company and can offer you the products of one insurer,
an insurance broker works with a large number of companies and can select for you the best offers in
respect of prices, coverages and service. Just Insurance acts on behalf of an insurance broker,
we are focused on foreigners in Spain and we select insurance policies with the best price to quality
ratio currently available in the market. We work with leading reliable companies and offer insurance
policies with the most favourable conditions for foreigners. The mission of an insurance broker is not
limited to the selection of insurance. Once the policy is issued Just Insurance represents your
interests before the insurance company when the insured event takes place. Our team provides the
most effective interaction with the insurer, so that you receive timely compensation according to the
contract. We offer service in several languages, so you get access to insurance offers from a wide list of
companies without linguistic barriers.
As far as the price is concerned: Just Insurance does not charge any extra fees for the services, you only
pay the insurance premium directly to the insurance company. And there is no trick: just like all exclusive agents and banks,
insurance brokers receive commissions from insurance companies for bringing the clients, thus
contracting a policy via Just Insurance does not increase its price. On the contrary, we benefit from
access to special offers and promotions to offer you the best price and conditions.
We are always pleased to offer you any type of insurance you may be interested in, without any obligation
from your part. We are sure that we can surprise you. Fill out the form on the website, write at or call on +34 677455883.


Did you know that many insurance companies offer special conditions and discounts for foreigners? How to take advantage of exclusive offers?

The number of foreigners who have chosen Spain as a new place of residence has remained high for many years. Spain attracts by its high quality of life, comfortable climate, tasty and inexpensive cuisine.

According to a recent study by Bloomberg, Spain is the top-1 in the list of the world’s healthiest nations. Of course, all these circumstances contribute to the fact that many people having arrived here for the first time and having got acquainted with local culture and lifestyle decide to settle down on the Iberian Peninsula, and begin with buying real estate and cars.

Insurance companies, sensitive to the current trend, are competing actively for a huge segment of the market represented by foreigners. And the competition in this sector is quite high. Trying to win new clients insurance companies offer new special products aimed at foreigners. Often, new offers include discounts, wider coverage, additional services for the comfort of foreign residents in Spain and those who come here frequently. The market is so large and active that sometimes it is not possible for a customer to follow up on new profitable offers. Being insured with one company for many years, a person may not be aware of new insurance solutions and products which would allow to insure his risks on much better terms. Moreover, people arriving to Spain may not even guess about  the existence of exclusive offers designed specifically for foreign residents and owners of real estate and cars in Spain.

Just Insurance is in constant contact with the leading insurance companies in Spain. As soon as new beneficial solutions are available, insurance companies inform us, we analyze new products and offer you the best. We recommend policies of exceptionally reliable insurers with outstanding reputation who effectively and quickly settle insurance claims.

Of course, we understand that often the language may be quite an issue for foreign residents, so for the maximum comfort we offer you service in English and Russian. Our experts will tell you what insurance options exist in Spain, what are the peculiarities of insurance contracts, how to act in case of an insured event, and much more. The consultation of Just Insurance is absolutely free and does not impose any obligations on you. We are always happy to talk to you and we are absolutely sure that we will pleasantly surprise you with our offers. Fill out the form on the website, write at or call us +34 677455883.


If you have decided to settle in Spain we perfectly understand you. A pleasant Mediterranean climate, delicious healthy cuisine, easygoing lifestyle – a great change after city hassle, daily traffic jams and stress. Thousands of people from all over Europe annually come to the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Dorada, Costa Brava and, charmed (and sometimes even surprised 🙂 ) with a local way of life think about moving to Spain. 
If personal circumstances allow you to realize the dream of many people, then in order to begin to enjoy your new reality to the full extent, you must go through some formal procedures.  If you are well aware of all the requirements the procedure does not require much time, efforts or money. In fact, moving to Spain can be much easier than it seems at the very beginning. 

Among the documents that you would need, insurance policies play a very important role. In some cases, presentation of the insurance is considered as a prerequisite, but we would like to emphasize that a well-selected insurance is more than a requirement that you need to fulfill, a good policy will ensure your day-to-day comfort in a new place of residence. In our blog we would like to share with you the most efficient ways to solve all the issues related to compulsory and voluntary insurance in Spain, which we hope will help you to save your time and money. 

For many foreigners in Spain, the first step in making a decision to move is purchase of a house or an apartment. It is important to choose a reliable real estate agency that knows the local market and which will guide you when choosing your new home. Buying property is a significant investment, and once the deal is settled, it is essential to protect your new home from the risks to which it is exposed like any other material asset and protect yourself from the risks associated with your obligations as a property owner. 

In order to get secured properly, we recommend contacting a professional in the insurance market. Often, a realtor or a bank where you open an account will immediately offer you an insurance company they collaborate with. However, personally for you it is not likely to be the most advantageous solution (by the way, almost everybody who moves to Spain faced this situation). Why? It is important to understand that the insurance market in Spain is a huge dynamically developing sector. New insurance offers and packages regularly appear in the market for each type home and mode of use (main residence, secondary residence, house for short- or long-term rent). In order to choose a truly optimal offer that meets exactly your preferences and needs, the best solution is to contact an insurance broker. An insurance broker (in Spanish, correduría de seguros) has direct access to quotes of many companies and will help you choose an insurance coverage that is optimal for you at the best price. 

Just Insurance by Tourist-Broker Correduría de Seguros selects and arranges issuance of an insurance for you without any extra charges + offers you special discounts and conditions for foreign residents from the top insurance companies in Spain. 

The benefits offered by home insurance in Spain are so great that they made contracting such insurance policy a local life standard. Home insurance covers damage to your home (building) and personal property (content) resulting from an insured event, as well as civil liability to third parties. In addition, a good home insurance offers a wide range of useful services to its customers, such as locksmith, handyman, IT support and much more, which turns to be very convenient when you come to a new country. 

In our next posts we will guide you on the insurance products intended to guarantee your comfortable stay in Spain. Subscribe to Just Insurance page on Facebook, stay up to date with the insurance trends and much more! 


When you spend considerable time on Iberian peninsula you realize that a car is an essential attribute of life in Spain, especially if you have opted for living on the coast. The transport system in Spain is quite developed, however, as far as public transport is concerned, it is, frankly speaking, not as convenient as in Switzerland for daily journeys, trips to a supermarket, etc. Moreover, if you decide to travel around the country (and it is worth doing as there are a lot of amazing places to visit around, and we will definitely tell you about it in our blog), the network of highways (autopistas) is so convenient that going with your own vehicle is a true pleasure. 

As in most European countries, any registered car must have a compulsory third-party liability insurance. No matter how often you use the vehicle, it must be insured. Spanish insurance companies offer types of policies according to your preferences and needs. The options offered in the market may be divided into 3 main groups: 

• Compulsory third-party basic insurance (“Terceros”) 
• Third-party complete insurance (“Completo”) – compulsory third-party insurance + glass, fire, theft and additional options (for example, damage caused by natural phenomena) • Comprehensive / all-risk insurance (“Todo riesgo”) with or without excess. 
Let’s check each option in detail. 

Basic third-party insurance implies insurance of the civil liability, it means that it is covering unintended damage that you can cause to third parties. This is an obligatory insurance. Even if you are using your car only during the holidays, according to the law it must be insured throughout the year. Why? For example, theoretically, during your absence a spontaneous combustion can occur which may result in damage to third parties. Compulsory third-party liability car insurance will cover this risk. Basic insurance is the cheapest option, but it is far from being the most practical one. If your budget does not allow to get a wider coverage, we recommend including at least glass cover in the policy. This extra will slightly increase the quote, however, it will protect you from significant expenses resulting from replacement of the windscreen if it is cracked due to a bounced stone, or of the window of your car if it is broken by trespassers. Unfortunately, such situations do happens here. 

We consider it more practical to contract at least third-party complete insurance, which provides compensation in case of theft, fire, exposure to natural phenomena or collision with animals. This type of insurance is also relatively inexpensive, but it protects you from risks that can materialize into significant losses. Unlike basic insurance, third-party complete insurance compensates the damage not only caused to third parties, but also your own damage you may get as the result of events specified in the contract. However, if you accidentally scratch your car while parking, face an accident by your fault, or discover damage caused by unknown third parties, such insurance does not compensate your reparation costs. 

In order to be able to compensate the damage caused to your car by your fault or by unidentified third parties, it is necessary to contract a fully comprehensive insurance – “Todo riesgo” which means all risk coverage. Such policy allows you to get maximum protection from the eventual costs that may occur as a result of an accident. Car insurance against all risks can be issued with or without excess. An excess is a fixed amount you pay by yourself when you make a claim in case of an accident; all damage exceeding the specified amount is covered by the insurance company. This insurance provides the maximum level of comfort on the road. Including an excess in your insurance allows you to decrease the price of the policy (the higher the excess, the lower the rate) and you get the opportunity to protect yourself from serious financial losses. 

Regardless of the type of motor insurance you choose, special attention should be paid to the travel assistance included in your policy. The best insurance companies offer you a lot of benefits and 24/7 protection on the road: replacing a flat tire, recharging a battery, towing a car with the driver (the options we offer imply unlimited km), a courtesy car, hotel accommodation if you have to repair your car in a garage far from home, and much more. Just Insurance is carefully selecting practical coverages to guarantee your peace of mind and confidence behind the wheel. 

In our blog, we will definitely tell you about all the advantages, picularities and pitfalls of motor insurance in Spain. Subscribe to the page of Just Insurance on Facebook and don’t miss anything! 


Every time you are boarding a plane after wonderful days spent in Spain you are thinking if you really need to fly back to your country or you could stay longer. If that is the case it probably means that it’s time for you to apply for a residence permit

The requirements of the Department for Foreign Citizens (Extranjería) to different nationalities vary in this respect. In some cases a private health insurance is compulsory to obtain an official permission to live in Spain. If that is your case and you need to get a private insurance, please take into account that there is a number of requisites to the policy you must present. The most important is that your insurance should provide the coverages similar to the public healthcare system, which means your insurance plan should have no restrictions on emergency medical care and should not imply any extra charges for medical services provided. Theoretically, it is possible to get a medical insurance for these purposes in your country, however, this solution is far from being optimal. Firstly, the insurance policy to present to Extranjería must be in Spanish, which means it you have contracted it abroad it should be officially translated into Spanish, and it significantly increases your expenses, and secondly, applying for medical assistance via foreign insurer may require getting authorizations outside of Spain, which is extremely inconvenient from a practical point of view. The best option is to contract a health insurance with an insurance company in Spain. Please note that Just Insurance will guide you you on the appropriate coverage and initiate the issuance procedure online. 

The medical coverage offered by Spanish insurers is very extensive. The top companies offer a wide list of local private hospitals you may apply to in Spain, as well as a comprehensive list of medical services you may access. The only minor drawback of the first health insurance you contract in Spain is that for some services there are waiting periods, which means that you can only use them several months after your insurance policy goes into effect. The waiting periods and list of these services are specified in the contract. However, a good insurance policy does not imply any restrictions on the emergency medical assistance, which fully complies with the requirements to the insurance for a residence permit. 

There are basically 2 types of health insurance solutions offered in Spain: 

1.       “Cuadro Médico“, which implies medical assistance in the hospitals collaborating with the insurance company.  Such insurance allows you to be attended by the doctors from a list of collaborating clinics specified by the insurer. Normally, a list of doctors and clinics in breakdown by specialization and region is available on websites of insurance companies. There are 2 options to contract “Cuadro Médico”: with and without co-payments. Please note that if you opt for “Cuadro Médico” to get your residence permit you must contract the policy without co-payments.

2.       “Reembolso“, which implies worldwide medical assistance with a free choice of hospitals (no matter if the clinic is included in the list of the affiliated network of the insurance company or not) with the reimbursement of medical expenses. “Reembolso” option is more expensive, but it offers you global worldwide assistance which is really very convenient especially for foreigners: such insurance allows you to be attended in the local hospitals included in “Cuadro Médico” in Spain with 100% cover of medical expenses, as well as in any hospital in in the world with reimbursement of your medical expenses (from 80% to 100%). This means that, being insured as a resident in Spain, you can carry out diagnostics and treatment, for example, in Germany or Israel with your Spanish insurance. 

Apart from health insurance in order to obtain a residence permit Extranjería may require an insurance covering the costs of repatriation. Spanish insurance companies have a special product for expats and we may help you to select the one with the best conditions. 

It is worth mentioning that if a private health insurance is a requisite for a residence permit in your case, it will be required not only for initial residence but also for renovations of your permit. Therefore, it is important to contact a plan that would meet your personal requirements and ensure your day-to-day comfort. 

Just Insurance will be you guide in the health insurance market and will help you to choose a high quality policy at the best rate that will suit you both in terms of the coverage and the budget. We do not charge extra fees for the selection, issuance and servicing your policy. You can request a quote without any obligation on your part and completely free of charge on our website, by e-mail or call us on +34677455883

And, of course, we will continue sharing useful information on various health insurance products on our blog. Subscribe to on Facebook and don’t miss anything! Take care of yourself! 


So, you are a proud owner or a tenant of a home in sunny Spain. Spanish property is certainly a great investment in your lifestyle. Experience shows that spending time in Spain contributes to reducing stress levels and creating a positive mood! 🙂 In order to guarantee your carefree stay in Spain, it is important that your home is properly protected from eventual problems that may arise. A good home insurance (seguro de hogar) it there to assist you.

What can be insured?

First, the building (continente) or, in other words, the structural elements of your home. The following example is the easiest way to explain what exactly is considered as a building. Imagine that some unknown power has turned your house upside down. Everything that stays in its place without giving in to the force of gravity (walls, floors, communications, etc.), is considered as “continente”.

Second, the contents (сontenido), that is, all your personal belongings in the house: furniture, appliances, clothes, jewellery, etc.

Third, the last but not the least, is your civil liability (responsabilidad civil), that is, damage that you may unintentionally cause to third parties.

When you take out an insurance, it is essential to determine correctly the insured amounts of these 3 blocks in order to guarantee adequate payments in case of the insured event and avoid unpleasant surprises. When you apply for the policy to Just Insurance, our experts will guide you on the assessment of the insured property and assure assistance in calculations of the correct insured amounts.

Each home insurance contract defines the risks against which your house or apartment is actually insured within the specified amounts. Depending on the list of risks included in the insurance contract, you can guarantee yourself various levels of protection.

The basic insurance covers a very limited list of risks. Normally, it is covering fire, broken glass (often the limits of the maximum compensation are applied), some types of water damage, power outages. The restrictions imposed by the basic policy are quite significant and sometimes make it difficult to claim an adequate compensation for the actual damage caused to your home. For example, basic insurance will not cover damage from an internal short circuit or from leaks without breaking pipes.

We recommend to contract policies with more extensive coverage; in different companies such insurance policies have different names, for example, standard, plus, extra. Usually, such policies contain more benefits and much broader list of insured risks: from burglary (including when it comes to jewellery) and theft to aesthetic damage to your property caused by an insured event. Moreover, the insured sums in such policies usually are significantly higher and correspond better to the real needs in the event of an insured event.

The best insurance companies do not limit to covering a fixed list of risks and offer their clients comprehensive insurance policies against all accidental damage risk. Such insurance means that if the damage was caused by an accidental event not directly specified in the policy, but at the same time not deliberately excluded from the list of coverages according to the general terms and conditions of the insurance company, the insurer compensates the damage. As a general rule, the payment implies an excess, which means the damage is compensated with a deduction of the excess amount fixed by the contract. This type of insurance provides maximum protection for your home and allows you to compensate for various types of accidental damage, including repairing a broken mobile phone that you accidentally swept off the desk .



When you live in your house or apartment permanently, you should indicate that this is your main residence to get the most extensive coverage at the best price.

When the house is only used for a short period of time and stays unoccupied for most time of the year, it should be insured as a secondary residence, which will allow you to contact the insurance company even if you find the problem only when you arrive on holiday after a long time after the insured event.

If you are renting out your house or apartment, you must indicate it in your policy in order to cover your civil liability as a landlord. The point is that the concept of civil liability covered by the insurance policy varies depending on the mode of use of your property: civil liability coverage offered by the insurance company in case you live in the house as an owner and in case you rent it out differs. Moreover, a policy designed especially for renting out may include some extra coverage very practical for the homeowner, i.e. damage caused by acts vandalism of tenants and non-payment of rent.

If you live in a rented house, you can insure your personal belongings and your civil liability in order to feel safe and secure, without overpaying for covering the risks which are beyond your ​​responsibility, in particular the building that does not belong to you and, in most cases, is already insured by the landlord.

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When drawing up the policy special attention should be paid to the way the house is used. The mode of use affects both the insurance coverage that the insurance company is ready to offer you, and the amounts that it is advisable to insure.


Spain is an ideal country for travelling by car. A well-developed network of highways allows you to get to another part of the country just within a few hours, while many local roads are truely convenient to explore all the beauties of the Kingdom. 

If you like car journeys, we suggest that you make sure that the travel assistance package included in your car insurance provides enough coverage to guarantee your confidence when you drive so that nothing can stop you making the most of your vacations. The fact is that car travel assistance varies significantly from company to company, moreover, even within one company it is possible to contract quite different packages of services.

So, what kind of assistance can you count on when you take out a good roadside support package with top insurance companies?

Towing the vehicle. If your car breaks down or suffers an accident and you cannot continue driving, the insurance company will provide a tow truck. A good roadside assistance package includes towing services without a kilometre limit. In practice, this means that if you are forced to leave your car in a repair garage due to an insured event, you can choose where to repair it. This can be a garage near your home you are used to, or a garage at your travel destination.

On-the-spot repair. If the breakdown can be repaired on site, the insurer will send a mechanic and will pay labour costs within the limits established in the policy. For example, if your car battery is low (a situation a lot of people are familiar with) a mechanic will arrive as soon as possible to charge the battery so that you could continue your journey safely.

Changing a flat tire. If you get a puncture, the roadside assistance service will send a mechanic to replace it with a spare wheel. This usually takes no more than forty minutes.

Furthermore, in some cases, insurance companies offer special conditions covering not only the labour costs of changing the wheel, but also the cost of the tire itself (for example, if you damage a new wheel accidentally hitting a kerb).

Fuel problems. If you run out of fuel on the road, the insurance company will arrange for the car to be towed to the nearest petrol station. If you have mistakenly filled up gasoline instead of diesel or vice versa (and this happens), the insurance company will pay for the towing of your car to the repair garage.

Hotel for the insured. If a breakdown or accident occurs outside the town where you live and the repair of the car is takes long time, the insurance company will pay for your stay at a hotel within the amounts stipulated in the contract. The number of days paid by the insurer is defined by the terms and conditions of the policy and usually depends on whether the event occurred in Spain or abroad.

Replacement vehicle. If your car is in the repair garage due to an accident and it takes time to repair it, you will be provided with a courtesy car. Normally, the period of use of the substitution car is limited. With good insurance, you may count on two weeks, which in most cases is enough to complete the repairs.

24/7 support. For some inexplicable reason, breakdowns and accidents tend to happen during off-hours and weekends. Reliable insurance companies offer a 24-hour roadside assistance service, so even if the accident occurs on Sunday during siesta time, you will be immediately offered the quickest solution. The best companies guarantee that the assistance arrives maximum within 1 hour from the moment you contact them. The companies we recommend offer services in several languages (English and Spanish included), which makes it much easier to communicate and resolve all issues.

Assistance from kilometre “zero”. In practice, this clause in your policy means that if you find out that you have a flat tire when you leave home, you can contact support line and a specialist will come to replace it.

In addition to all the services listed above, the roadside assistance package may include services for insured persons not directly related to driving your car. For example, it may include such coverage as compensation for costs incurred sending items left behind during the trip, medical transportation and repatriation services, and help with luggage delayed by the airline. 

The insurance policies recommended by Just Insurance always contain the best practical insurance coverage at a reasonable price. By taking out car insurance with us, you will ensure your peace of mind while driving!